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Small Classes. Big Opportunities.

The Fulton School feels strongly that volunteering in community service builds character and gives back to our community. By working together, students, faculty, and volunteer parents will come to know each other better, and gain a new level of respect and understanding for each other. When Fulton students serve the community, a mutual understanding and respect are developed between the school and our neighbors. The final objective is to make the service work a learning experience. Forty-eight hours of community service are required to graduate. 

Every Fulton student is introduced to the importance of giving back to the community and helping others in need. From holding the door for someone, to stocking the shelves of a local food pantry, students are encouraged to exemplify service to others through altruistic acts in their daily lives. In addition, each student must complete 48 hours of community service to graduate. 

Annually, Fulton hosts initiatives that allow our students to collectively serve others:
Let’s Tackle Hunger Food Drive
Campus and Community Clean Up Day

Your child will gain a greater appreciation for service by witnessing you share your time and talents on campus and in the community. Our school has a variety of volunteer activities from assisting your child’s teacher and recess duty to organizing a school event. Please talk with your child’s teacher or a member of Fulton’s administrative staff to explore your options and get involved!