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Small Classes. Big Opportunities.

The Upper School, grades 9-12, consists of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum dedicated to stretching the minds of students and developing our nation’s future leaders. Our experienced teachers are passionate about their subject matter and are dedicated to infusing students with a thirst for knowledge.

Advanced Placement
The Fulton School has Advanced Placement (AP) courses, allowing students to complete up to one year of college credit before graduation, further enriching the value of the education they receive at our school.

Travel Study
Annually, Fulton students have the opportunity to travel with faculty and family members during Spring Break for a hands-on learning experience. The locations for the trip alternate between domestic and overseas locations.

The Fulton School recognizes students for their classroom efforts and at the yearend Awards Ceremony and Graduation. In addition to awards for excellence in specific disciplines, students can also attain these academic honors:

• High Honor Roll (3.8 or higher GPA)
• Honor Roll (3.5-3.7 GPA)
• Dr. Bernard Fulton Award
• Eloise Cullum Scholarship
• D. Harold Byrd, Jr. Scholarship
• DAR Good Citizens
• DAR Senior Citizenship & Patriotism