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Small Classes. Big Opportunities.

The Middle School, grades 5-8, is a place where faculty and curriculum are dedicated to the “middle years” and to developing the intellect, skills and character needed to succeed in upper grades, college and the world beyond.

Our Middle School curriculum includes: mathematics, writing and composition, history, science, fine arts, Spanish, computer science, oral communication, and physical education. In addition, students learn study skills and the importance of service to others. Daily homework assignments are checked for completion and mastery, and tests are given to assess proficiencies.

Our teachers are dedicated to helping each individual child achieve his fullest potential in the classroom. We encourage parents to actively engage teachers in discussions about your child’s progress and opportunities. If a child is experiencing difficulty in a specific subject, our 14:1 student-teacher ratio prevents him or her from “slipping through the cracks.”

International Week
Each spring, students take part in a week-long immersion course about other cultures. From food and customs to language and daily activities, students explore life around the globe.

Community Clean-Up
Every Fulton student is introduced to the importance of giving back to the community in their daily life. Each student gains a greater appreciation of service to others by cleaning up our surrounding community each year, and becoming an active steward of his/her community.