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Small Classes. Big Opportunities.

The Fulton School is an Independent School in Heath, Texas.

What is an Independent School?
According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), an independent school is independent in two critical ways:

Independent in governance (meaning that the schools are organized as not-for-profit and non-discriminatory corporations governed by a self-perpetuating board of directors, as opposed to being “owned” and run by the government (public schools), by a diocese (parochial schools) or by for-profit entities (proprietary schools).

Independent in finance (meaning that the schools charge tuition and raise money to operate themselves, as opposed to being supported primarily by public monies or religious subsidies).

It is the independence of independent schools that offers to them the four essential freedoms that make independent schools strong:

1. The freedom to define their own mission (why they exist, whom they serve)
2. The freedom to regulate admissions (admitting only those students appropriate to the mission)
3. The freedom to define teacher credentials (hiring, particularly in the middle school and upper
school grades, liberal arts graduates who have majored in a discipline and who have a passion about teaching the subject)
4. The freedom to teach what the teachers decide is important (free from state curricular and textbook and testing mandates)

Why choose an independent school? 
NAIS Article

Nine Differentiators
Molly Fulton Seeligson, former Fulton Head of School, currently serves on Fulton’s Board of Trustees. Based on her long experience with the school, she identifies nine key reasons to choose The Fulton School:

1. High academic standards: A higher percentage of students take AP courses in independent schools than public. At Fulton, we currently offer 10 AP courses which allow students to complete a full semester of college before graduation. In addition, Fulton students have a 90% AP pass rate.

2. Small class sizes and increased individual attention: Fulton’s teacher-to-student ratio will not exceed one teacher per 16 students.

3. Excellent teachers: Fulton’s teachers are passionate about their subjects and gain a full understanding of each student and how they learn. Our teachers have high IQs and EQs, emotional quotient. Teaching is difficult, consequently, possessing a high EQ enables these great teachers to support each student, their families and fellow teachers.

4. Strong likelihood of pursuing a high-level degree: Fulton graduates have a 100% college acceptance rate.

5. Educating the whole child: Fulton promotes a nurturing learning environment to stimulate the intellect, social growth and civic conscience for each student. This is achieved through the three As: Academics, Athletics, and the Arts.

Academics: Fulton emphasizes the importance of life long learning and the pursuit of knowledge with
our college-prep curriculum.

Arts: From music to sculpture, Fulton students are introduced to numerous ways to express themselves artistically.

Athletics: Fulton offers an array of competitive and club sports for our students to develop skills, learn teamwork,
and employ good sportsmanship.

6. Inclusiveness: At Fulton, we not only respect and embrace each child’s individuality, we cultivate a close-knit community of families.

7. Active community of parents: Fulton teachers and faculty enjoy a dynamic, ongoing dialog throughout the year, not just during parent/teacher conferences. In addition, our Head of School has an open-door policy.

8. Freedom: Independent schools provide parents with the opportunity to choose a school by its mission. Fulton’s mission is to ignite a lifelong passion for learning, inspire self-discovery, instill civic leadership, and motivate each student to continually pursue excellence.

9. Education pays the highest dividends on your investment. Fulton graduates have received over $8 million in scholarships over the past 3 years.