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Small Classes. Big Opportunities.


Choosing the right educational community for your child is one of the most important decisions facing your family.  Knowing this, I thank you for making The Fulton School one of your choices as you search for that ideal academic fit.  What students glean from their school environment and quality of education now factor greatly in their development of a lifelong desire to learn and an endless ability to achieve.

The Fulton School serves students from PreK-3 through 8th grade.  We offer a strong core curriculum based in the classics, as well as a diverse extra-curricular program that enhances our students’ academic growth.  We believe in providing personal and intellectual skills necessary to lead full and meaningful lives.  To achieve this, The Fulton School employs only the most dedicated and qualified educators, maintains small class sizes, offers the finest in instruction, and engages students with high-quality intellectual assignments and an enjoyable atmosphere.

With Service, Excellence and Honor as our mission, The Fulton School promotes the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors, service to others as the highest human calling, and personal honor as the most valuable human asset.  Daily, students at The Fulton School exemplify this mission, and our distinguished faculty upholds and instills these values in our students.

We look forward to building a strong partnership with you in the education of your child, and hope to welcome you to the Fulton family soon.